How to Win at video poker zone- Develop Your Poker Game

Can you imagine how far you are willing to go to win at video poker zone? Can you develop your poker face, do you believe you even have a poker face?

Those of us that try to excel are often the ones dedicated and committed to do whatever it takes to achieve success. Do you feel comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone to achieve what you seek? So you must ask yourself, what are you prepared to do to develop your poker face? Most of us believe we don’t have poker tells and are mistakenly lead to believe we tell our opponents nothing. What if I was to tell you you’re wrong? You divulge information simply by existing, whether through your breathing, your comments, your facial gestures or simply any form of body language. It comes down to how well you can mask these tells and on a higher level, even how well you can leak misleading signals.

That leaves us with the original question of how to win at poker? I believe a great place to work on is to develop your poker face.

Hmmm, but how do we do that? I’m sure there are many ways and I’ve seen and read many ideas. For example, have you ever considered having someone video you playing poker so you can watch yourself back? Would it be embarrassing asking your opponents if they’d mind? Can you imagine feeling uncomfortable being recorded at the poker tables? Well get used to it, the pro’s are in front of cameras constantly, it is part of being a successful player. You must work outside your comfort zone if you want to achieve success.

However, there is a simpler more private option which is derived from the master of mind control Derren Brown. Derren Brown is an illusionist/magician/trickster, whatever you want to call him, from the UK. Among many things he is an expert in body language and deception. He uses an example of learning how to read body language by watching someone look through a deck of cards, one card at a time, and suggests they concentrate on a value of either high or low. So, any card below an 8 they picture the word low and any above they picture high. Now this may seem rather simplistic and it is and it is all about developing a skill. You may do this by watching someone else, or better still you may perform this on your own to see if you have developed certain tells. You may use a webcam or camcorder etc to record yourself. Start simple and see if you can tell by watching yourself back which cards were high or low.

This can be a simple method to develop your poker face. And you can take it to so many levels, doing it over and over again. You may start to see trends or patterns; you may start to see boredom or excitement. It is all about learning about your own tells. Can you see you will similarly face these patterns and emotions in a standard poker game?

Try different techniques like picturing a place or food for particular cards. For example, every time you see a Jack, picture an exotic island or any King picture a food you dislike. Play it back and see if you can see in your facial features when you saw these cards.

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