How to Plan A Date on The Phone with An Escort Successfully?

There are many reasons that you need to approach escorting services. You may be feeling lonely or need an attractive and sophisticated companion to accompany you at the big event. You may feel overwhelmed to make a phone call, as this is your first time or you are a shy person. It is just like planning a date! However, you will first need to research the state laws and escort agencies near your location. While talking with an escort be confident and set a date successfully.

How to plan a date with an escort successfully?


On the internet, you will find man escort services. Perform a search based on the place you live, for example, if you reside in Paris check the website Lovesita 92. You will find a long list of beautiful girls.

Read their profiles of the escort you are interested in to get an idea of her physique, height, kinds of services offered, her skills, and price. Even read reviews given and ensure that the image posted is updated. Gaining details of the person you will call helps to get a picture of the person you will talk to.

Other things to remember before placing a phone call – 

  • Calling escort services is not against the law but what can put you in legal trouble is paying for sexual contact. Never mention illicit activities in a phone conversation and also when you meet the escort.
  • Never call an escort to make your girlfriend jealous. The escort is a human being and makes a living offering companionship. Respect their feelings and even their limitations of not being able to fulfill some of your requests.

Placing a phone call to the escort

  • Be calm before making a call. Treat it like a date! Focus on what you will say. Be yourself!
  • Be friendly, when someone picks the phone. Escorts are bombarded with all kinds of callers, so if you speak indecently anticipate to get hung-up.

Scheduling a date on the phone

  • Avoid the escort or agency that chooses the date. They are not aware of your schedule, so opt for a time when you feel comfortable to spend time with her.
  • Sometimes there may be a need for negotiation, as she may not have an open slot to accommodate you. You can always choose some other escort, who approves your schedule.
  • Give your real name because escorts also research your background, just like you did. Don’t share your address, but give your authentic phone number. Make sure you have a clear plan for the meeting place. She will never agree if she is not comfortable with the place you chose. It is for their safety, therefore never take it personally!
  • Never haggle on their service rates. Be clear about the date schedule and even the price. Expect to pay extra if date timing extends longer than scheduled.

On the day, you planned a date make sure to groom yourself. Treat this like any other date and look presentable. Carry money as agreed in a white envelope. Leave the envelope on a table, which she can see as soon as she enters the room. If you find that the girl was not the one you chose or saw in the photos pick the envelope and leave saying thank you but tip them for their trouble and time.

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